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The Blunt Nose is a more portable and maneuverable version of our classic pintail shape. Our update to a 83A bushing and tighter wheelbase has given it a more responsive ride. If you're looking for a nice carving / cruising board that's also portable, this would be for you. 

Shapes Available:
Construction: 7 plies 100% Canadian Maple
Size: 38" x 9.75"
Wheelbase: 24.625"
Trucks: Taco Truck 180's
Wheels: Stella 69s

46" Pintail
Construction: 7 plies 100% Canadian Maple
Size: 46" x 9.5"
Wheelbase: 31.125"

Trucks: Taco Trucks 180s
Wheels: Stella 69s

Griptape: Stella Standard Black/Clear
* Components may differ from the images shown.

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