Longboard Deck Shapes Explained

Ever wondered why longboards come in different shapes? Whether you're a kid cruising the neighborhood, a teen hitting the ramps, an adult commuting in style, or a pro longboarder dominating the hills – choose the shape that matches your vibe! 🌈✨


Directional Deck Shape

Perfect For: Cruising, Speed, Downhill

Why: Crafted for a specific direction, offering precise control. It's not about being better or worse than a symmetrical board; it's about adding an aesthetic flair to your ride. Find the board that suits your style, and roll in total control with a touch of personal style!


Symmetrical Deck Shape

Perfect For: Tricks, Freerides

Why: Ride it any way you want! Perfect for tricks, freerides, and anyone who loves the freedom to slide without worrying about direction. The beauty of a symmetrical longboard lies in its versatility – you can ride it in any direction you please. Always prepped for immediate riding, it's your ticket to limitless maneuvers!


Wheel Cutout Deck Shape

Perfect For: Cruising, Freeriding, Carving

Why: A wheel cutout is a game-changer, preventing wheel bites and crashes, making it an absolute essential for cruisers, freeriders, and carving enthusiasts. Think of it like a wheelwell on a car – it ensures that wheelbite, where the wheel hits the board and causes an abrupt stop, becomes a thing of the past. Enjoy your ride without worrying about sudden halts, and carve through the streets with confidence!

Dropdown Deck Shape

Perfect For: Cruising, Freeriding, Carving, Speed

Why: Lower is cooler! Enhance stability for speed demons, carving enthusiasts, and those who want to stand out. The lowered center of gravity provides more stability, making it great for speed and perfect for kids learning to ride. Experience easy pushing, gain momentum fast, and ride with unmatched confidence.

Note: You might come across the term "double drop" – simply put, a double drop combines a dropdown deck shape with a dropthrough truck mount.


Top Truck Mount

Perfect For: Cruising, Speed, Downhill, Freeriding, Carving

Why: Embrace the classic setup! Ideal for cruising, speed, downhill, freeriding, and carving. If you're on a board, chances are it's a top mount – the go-to choice for riders seeking a versatile and time-tested setup!


Dropthrough Truck Mount

Perfect For: Cruising, Freeriding, Carving, Speed

Why: Trucks showing through? That's a drop-through! Tailored for those who adore a lower center of gravity, making it perfect for cruising and carving with style. Elevate your ride with this setup that combines stability with a sleek aesthetic.


Got questions or need some expert guidance? 🤔 Reach out to us at info@stellalongboards.com. Let's make your longboarding experience extraordinary! 🚀🔧