Ride with Stella

Ride with Stella and move with the flow of inertia as you weave down a beachy sidewalk on a warm summer day.

The sun sets over the Pacific Ocean when you reach the bonfire that’s just getting started. Now crack open a cold one with your friends and relax after a long day of shredding. You’ve just had the Stella Experience.

About us

Mark Levy

Favorite setup: Supersauce on Paris 180s

Years skating: 4 years downhill

Why do you longboard?

The clarity and extreme adrenaline rush can give you is very rewarding.

Music: Trap and Metal

Movies: Super hero flicks and action movies.

TV Shows: Family Guy, Science documentaries. 

Books: No books. Spoiled by movies.

About us

Pal Eddy

Favorite setup: Supersauce Deck, Rey Trucks 45, Mondo Wheels 78a, Tekton Bearings & riptide

Years skating: 6 years skating now.

Why do you longboard?

Cause makes me more feel alive and happy than anything else in my life.

Music: Jazz, house, ambient, and anything with some good funk to it.

Movies: Anything that can make me laugh or think gets a plus in my book. Both is most excellent.

TV Shows: Anime all day.

Books: Quality fiction or philosophy. Gotta expand your mind every day.

About us

Jasson Umana

Favorite setup: Anything with wheels that can get me down a hill!

Years skating: 2+ 

Why do you longboard?

The adrenaline rush of standing on a board and pushing my limits both physically and mentally can't be compared to anything else! The thrill and the excitement and each skate session is different. Its my passion. 

Music: Hip/Hop & rap as well as rock and classical.

Movies: N/A.

TV Shows: The Simpsons, The Office, Heroes season 1 & 2. 

Books: The Bible, anything educational and motivational!

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