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Taco Trucks were designed with a gamut of riding styles in mind.  Made with one of the beefiest hangers on the market paired with aircraft grade aluminum construction, they were developed to be the all-around truck to add to your collection.  Freeride, cruising, downhill, and dancing; Taco Trucks are here and are ready to party!

Price = 1 Truck. You Will Need 2 Trucks to Complete a Longboard Setup.


Materials: Grade 8 Steel Axle Cast Onto Aircraft Grade Aluminum Hanger and Baseplate.
Hanger Length: 180mm 
Axle Length: 245mm
Axle Diameter: 8mm
Baseplate Angle: 50° 
Bushings: Board Side Barrel (Flat Washer), Road Side Tall Cone (Cup Washer)
Bushing Durometer: 90a Taco Toppings Urethane
Hole Pattern: New School and Old School 
Set Weight of One Truck: 1lb

(Full Set)

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