• Wave


    The Stella Wave will make sure you keep those sick swells under you at all times. The motion of the ocean has served as inspiration for skateboarders ever since the...

  • Koi


    Available shapes:46" PintailShape: Radial CruiserConstruction: 8 plys 100% Canadian MapleSize: 46" x 9.75" Wheelbase: 31.125"Trucks: Taco Trucks 180sWheels: Stella 69s Griptape: Stella Coarse* Components may differ from the images shown.

  • Quill


    The 42" Pintail fills in the gap between the shorter 38" Bluntnose and the full sized 46" Pintail. It's radial concave gives it the 42" Pintail nice footing for leaning...

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